A history of excellence since 1951

Promises must be kept.
Each brand is first and foremost a promise made to one’s consumers, suppliers and partners. It is a guarantee of quality and trust that must be respected, valued and consolidated over time. Caffè Cartapani understands promises because since 1951 it continues to select, refine and toast only premium quality.

it Each brand has its own image.
In time, artisan know-how becomes "art of making", the technology of the systems becomes more and more performing setting times and temperatures and the image changes, adapting to the current times. The Cartapani brand, today, speaks an elegant language. Values ​​of a brand that expresses family expertise, values ​​that represent a noble and passionate vocation. A history of excellence, an authoritative image.

Let your palate decide

The innovation of the plants combined with the historical know-how of the company to calibrate exactly the taste, fragrance, aftertaste and sensations of the coffee we want to offer our customers. In addition, training, refresher and specialization courses dedicated to baristas and restaurateurs to get to the heart of coffee and refine their art. Come and taste first hand a world where coffee is the result of passion 4.0.

News & Events

APRIL, 12 2018
Coffee break with journalists and bloggers


FEBRUARY, 20 2018
Total restyling: from new communication to new headquarters